BSF President’s Message

Happy holidays to all and best wishes in the New Year. There have been many bonsai related activities this year, as well as the addition of three new clubs joining the BSF. 

Membership Committee

We are welcoming Becky Lavigne to the BSF as Membership Committee Chairman.  Becky has extensive experience with electronic data, database and spreadsheets, she will be an asset to the team.  She will be relieving Gail Santini who has done an outstanding job.  Gail provided essential expertise in the transition of paper recorded BSF membership information to electronic data. She compiled a database to encompass the entire membership of BSF separated into clubs. She was instrumental in streamlining the electronic mail process so that current information could be transmitted to the BSF membership. She is always improving her database and continues to monitor the membership of every club in BSF. She deserves a giant thank you for performing a great job.


A reminder to all that December 31 is the final day to get your tree entered to be selected for display at the Epcot Flower and Garden show. Chairman Paul Pikel asked entrants to use their correct mailing address on the entry form and that all entrants make sure that their BSF dues are current. He would also like to encourage entrants to please send applicationsin early, as he can work on them over the next few weeks.  Applications and instructions are available on the BSF Website. 


Our BSF webmaster JorgeNazario is our convention chairman for 2019 and has secured Pedro Morales and Ted Matson to perform at this year’s convention along with some great Florida local artists. Additionally, he has already secured all of the demonstration and workshop material. This year’s trees are some of the best that we have had in several years.

Jorge had a wonderful idea, among many, for this year’s logo. He had a contest to draw the logo picture for “Traditional meets Tropical” and we had many participants.

Congratulations go out to Robin Chipman from Hukyu Bonsai Club. Her drawing was picked as the winner of the 2019 BSF Convention Logo Contest. We would like to thank everyone who submitted a drawing. Robin will receive free convention apparel among other things, and her drawing will forever be tied with the 2019 BSF Convention. Good job Robin.

Board Meeting

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that the “Winter” board meeting will be on Saturday, January 12 at the Florida Hotel in Orlando.  Please get with the trustee for your district if you would like to ask any questions.  He or she will then get with me to put it on the meeting agenda.

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