Literati Grove opens in Miami

Founded in 2016, Literati Grove is a Miami-based collective focused on enriching the community through the Art of Bonsai. As artists and enthusiasts, we seek to enhance the common individuals’ appreciation and understanding to reveal the true values of bonsai. Our intention is to create a bonsai cultural center and program that advances and preserves American Bonsai in South Florida. We believe it would be significant for both the culture and public to have easy access and exposure to unique specimens by recognized artists. Thus, the creation of KOMOREBI2018.

KOMOREBI2018  was the seed to plant their vision. A celebration of art and cultural expression encouraging human/nature interaction. We are striving to continue this mission by being inclusive of all individuals who wish to materialize such an experience and space. If interested please send an email to so we may build.

Komorebi Bonsai Art Exhibit Opening Brings Bonsai to the Miami Culture Scene

KOMOREBI2018, hosted by the new Literati Grove Bonsai Collective, took place in July at the Miami Cultural Museum.  As a one-day show, hosted by the Literati Grove and Adam Lavigne, it featured an assortment of excellent trees from around the state. Also featured were some creative display ideas.  This type of thinking reveals the artistic side of bonsai in the Sunshine State.  


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