From the Editor’s Desk

Saburo Kato, the late President of the Japan Bonsai Association, traveled the world extolling the virtues of bonsai as a medium for global peace.  It’s true. Over the Internet and modern travel, bonsaists worldwide unite peacefully via a common passion. With the world rapidly spinning around us the need for Mr. Kato’s concept grows even stronger.

The peaceful nature of the art has its own beauty. Bonsai serves as a catharsis to help us relax and remove ourselves from the stress of the times.  I find practicing bonsai in my yard to be a relaxing and contemplative solo activity. But sometimes a community is needed, both to share camaraderie and perhaps to learn some of the technical aspects of the bonsai art. While the internet makes lots of information readily available, the purpose of the BSF newsletter is to focus on the bonsai scene in Florida and to publish vetted information that benefits BSF members about either what is going on in Florida, some of the unique aspects about the trees we grow (as compared to the rest of the temperate word), and perhaps to learn about our fellow artists. Florida is a big state and as a peninsula might be a bit insular, so please consider this a call for content. Please send me any announcements, ideas or content you’d like to see included in the newsletter. rkempinski@cfl.rr.comx   (Note: remove the x after com as I did this to prevent spam BOTs)

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