Florida Shines at US National Bonsai Exhibition

On the September 7th and 8th weekend, Florida bonsai artists set up over 28 displays at the US National Bonsai Show in Rochester New York.  Florida, although 1,200 miles away, had as many participants as the home state NY. Brazilian Rain Trees, Bald Cypress trees, figs and more showed the rest of the nation that high quality bonsai thrive in the Sunshine State. Overall the show featured 281 individual bonsai from 27 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Set up in an indoor soccer field, the milieu provided ample room to display the trees in traditional two and three point displays.  Also inside the arena were a plethora of vendors selling nearly every conceivable bonsai accoutrement.  Several bonsai professionals provided interesting demos. All in all, a weekend was barely enough to take in all the activity while still meeting old and new friends.

The Florida attendees salute Bill Valvanis and his team for putting on an outstanding event that showcased to the world the high quality of bonsai in our nation.  Bill promises to hold event number 7 in two years so start planning your participation now.

Here are some candid shots of the trees, as photographs were not allowed.

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